This research project sought to provide an answer to the question: what is a just and justifiable measure of poverty that is truly gender sensitive and capable of revealing gender disparities?   

An interdisciplinary team of academics partnered with leading NGOs to investigate this question by combining the expertise and insights of poor men and women with leading figures from a variety of disciplines.   

The project, Measuring Poverty and Gender Disparity, was based at Australian National University and funded through a three-year Australian Research Council Linkage Grant, supported by cash and in kind contributions from the International Women’s Development Agency, Oxfam Great Britain Southern Africa, the Philippine Health Social Science Association, the University of Colorado, and Oxfam America.

The project undertook three phases of participatory research with poor men and women to help design a better measure of poverty that is capable of revealing gender disparities.  On this website you will find detailed information on the research question, our research methods and methodology, key findings, and recommendations for the gender sensitive measurement of deprivation.